STOP: Before You Build Your Company, You Must Build Your Brand

People buy a brand, not a product. Let’s face it, there aren’t that many differences among products. What makes the difference is consumer perception and emotional connection.

Many people think brand and marketing is one in the same. Do not make this mistake. It can be the downfall of your company.

This course teaches you how to create a brand people will trust. Trust=Loyalty=Advocates=Revenue.

Course curriculum

I don't just tell you what and why you need something, I show you step-by-step how to do it. No upsell "fluff" masterclasses and 5-day bootcamps.

  • 1

    8 Simple Steps to Creating a Brand People Trust

    • Intro & Goals     

    • Step 1: Understand the Difference Between Brand & Marketing and Why it Matters   

    • Step 2: Create a Brand Strategy: Audience Research, Competitive Analysis, Value Proposition, Competitive Differentiation; Perform a SWOT

    • Step 3: Build a Brand Identity: Name, Logo, Tag Line & Voice 

    • Step 4: Maximize Design Concepts: Graphics, Color & Fonts

    • Step 5: Analyze the Best & Worst Brands Ever 

    • Step 6: Understand & Implement the Key Brand Best Practice

    • Step 7: Brand Case Study Analysis (An Iconic Brand Tragedy)

    • Step 8: Why and How to Legally Protect Your Brand

    • Final Thoughts & Resources

  • 2

    SWOT Template

    • Brand Strategy SWOT Template

    • Competitor SWOT Template

  • 3

    Market Research Kit

    • Market Research Kit

  • 4


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Walk Away With

Just a few of the resources you will have available:

  • Market Research Packet of qualitative and quantitative surveys and focus group questions ($300.00 value)

  • 15+ font choices and their personality for building your brand

  • Color emotion guide to determine your ideal color pallet

  • Design a customized, professional logo

  • Find the perfect company name with technology

  • Trademark application and instructions

80+ Resource Slides With Over 100 Best Practices

This is your "go to" manual to reference anytime you need to. No expiration date for the course.

Next Steps

There is no customer without marketing. There is no sale without marketing. There is no revenue without marketing. There is no business without marketing.  The next simple class to grow and sustain your business is 8 Simple Steps to Crafting a Marketing Plan That Gets Results. Sign up now.