The First and Only outcomes-based S.T.A.R.T blueprint innovation created to teach and coach small business and startup entrepreneurs who are just starting, struggling, or want to build stronger how to start, soar, and stay in business for as long as they are in love with what they are doing and enjoy the journey along the way


After building six companies from scratch, I have seen it, done it, lived it, and learned the entire entrepreneur experience — the good, the really bad, and the truly exhilarating. I know all the nuances, challenges, mistakes, and success that can only come from embracing and embodying it. I know what it takes to start, soar and sustain a company. 

I innovated the S.T.A.R.T. blueprint many years ago, incorporating into my own businesses and the large corporations I was asked to build and turn around, generating $50 million in revenue. It only made sense for me to bring it to my small business owners, simply teach it to them, guide them through the process, and give them the opportunity to enjoy the journey and fulfil their dream. My mission is to have them start their business to stay in business for as long as they love it. And make sure the process is simple, stress free, and enjoyable.




If you are a small business owner and entrepreneur who is just starting, struggling, ready to scale stronger, or want to stay in business longer, this is for you.

What does S.T.A.R.T. stand for?

Secure Your Brand to Make More Lifetime Profits

Thrive Financially Right From the Start & Get Paid What You Are Worth

Accelerate Growth from the Right Customers with the Right Tactics That Drive Cash Into Your Business

Reach Your Long-term Goals Quickly With 3-Daily Habits

Think Your Way to More Time, Focus & Productivity Through Easy Shifts in Mindset



Check Out Our Testimonials and Nice Words From Some Big Fish

"Your business and you will become forever changed..."

Ms. Mesha Mebane, Founder & CEO, INFRARED VISION

“Where do I start? Prior to meeting Maureen in December 2018 at one of her marketing classes she was teaching, I was lost with HOW to implement INFRARED VISION from my head to paper. After meeting Maureen, I was blown away with her precise knowledge about MARKETING and her passion to help businesses to be on point with their marketing efforts and not make constant mistakes that she has seen over the years in this space. Maureen is a TRUE VISIONARY like nobody you have ever met. 8 SIMPLE STEPS is really the GOLDFISH methodology to learning MARKETING based on what she has seen over the years ― simplicity really is the answer to success in marketing. Her classes make this easy for anyone to understand and do it. If you cross her path like I have, you too will experience marketing excellence at its finest. Her natural wit of her marketing mindset is a force to be reckoned with. Do not hesitate to take these courses because when you do, your business and you will become forever changed.”

"I anticipate my book sales will flourish and generate income..."

Kenneth Leon Little, Sr Author, Talking to Green Tree Leaves, CEO, Little Media Productions

“I have taken face-to face classes with Maureen for a long time, and I love that her online teaching demonstrates the same charisma and a wealth of subject matter knowledge that is just as easy to follow and understand as if I am right in front of her. Her teaching approach is firmly based on real world knowledge and experience. She is a master of her profession! I anticipate my book sales will flourish and generate income for me and underprivileged youth because of the branding and marketing I have for it.”

"8 Simple Steps Learning Courses will put you on the right path to success, simply and effectively..."

Bruce Sanders Certified SCORE Mentor, Retired Independent Insurance Agent & Counselor

“I highly recommend Maureen Edwards’ 8 Simple Steps Learning Course. Her real world marketing experience, coupled with her 8 Simple Steps Learning Courses will put you on the right path to success, simply and effectively. If you want to learn from one of the best marketers around, you can now stop searching and start learning.”

"Every entrepreneur should take advantage of her expertise found in every class..."

Bob Rotella, JD, Former Chair Southern Maryland SCORE

“During my tenure as chair of Southern Maryland Chapter of SCORE, I recruited Maureen Edwards to offer a series of classes covering the fundamentals of marketing. I attended the classes and came away with a deeper grasp of “must-know” marketing and branding techniques. Most impressive is Maureen’s mastery of the subject matter. Her approach is to sequence each training module in a logical, coherent way so attendees not only learn the “why” but also the “how.” She provides entrepreneurs with a thorough overview and a set of tools they could immediately apply to their own business without additional training or the need to engage consultants. Maureen is a high-energy, impactful presenter. Her enthusiasm for the subject is inspirational. Her willingness to share what she knows makes her a cut above other teachers who all too often hold back on sharing the “secret sauce.” Every entrepreneur should take advantage of her expertise found in every class.”

"Real-world examples of both “what works well" and “what doesn’t work well..."

Christopher A. Taylor SCORE Mentor, Webinar Committee Chair, Southern Maryland SCORE, (Retired) Head of Healthcare and Financial Institutions

“I had the pleasure of attending several of Maureen’s classes on the most effective use of Social Media. Her classes are rich with content and she gives practical advice as to the best use of social media for small businesses. What I find to be particularly effective are the real-world examples of both “what works well” and “what doesn’t work well.” She addresses such topics as building an effective company website, effective use of that website in gathering data, capturing the attention of a target market and most importantly, achieving one’s revenue targets. Maureen demonstrates her depth of knowledge and uses an enthusiastic approach that clearly resonates. She continues to teach online and face-to-face classes (after Covid-19 passes) on a variety of business subjects for our organization.”

Real-world examples of what not to do and what tips to do that really drive growth.

Carson Zake SCORE Mentor Southern Maryland SCORE, Small Business Owner/former franchise owner: Volvo, Hertz, Citicorp & Jiffy Lube

Maureen Edwards has taught her 8 Simple Step’s curriculum to students at Anne Arundel Community College through SCORE. It is rich with content that’s easy to comprehend for business people who are new to marketing across all age groups. Those with limited tech experience get a lot of value out of the program and moving the classes online due to COVID-19 has been an easy transition for them. The classes provide real-world examples of what not to do and what tips to do that really drive growth. The feedback from students is overwhelmingly positive. On top of that, she has been a keynote speaker and organizer of our Women’s Entrepreneur Conferences to help them reach their business goals. Based on feedback from clients we work with who have taken her classes, I recommend these courses for the value and results you get for such a minimal cost.”

"Bridged the gap of theory and practice..."

Nanda Setlur, CEO, Urban Farm Greens

“8 Simple Steps bridged the gap of theory and practice in a clear, concise, and effective manner. The class synthesized concepts, best practices, and examples of marketplace winners into implementable tips for long term success. I have not found many other classes that offer this level of detail for the small business owner. Maureen really cares about each individual in her class, checking in regularly for feedback to make it a better experience. As an entrepreneur who must wear all hats, I really appreciate the tutorials that simplify the research and learning curve. I am looking forward to the new courses that promise a next level of marketing know-how. Thanks 8 Simple Steps and Maureen.” P.S. love the goldfish

"You will not find a better class or more dedicated and knowledgeable entrepreneurial coach..."

Michelle Morris, CEO, Earthling for Earth

"Truly the most phenomenal business coach I have ever had in 25 years of being self employed. Maureen is brilliant in business. I loved her insights for me, as well as, seeing and learning from her expertise while she customized for other individual businesses, on the fly, during our class sessions. Maureen is the business coach that I have tried to find for over two decades. Seriously, you will not find a better class or more dedicated and knowledgeable entrepreneurial coach. As for me, I know that I will be working with her for years to come, as her insights and knowledge are invaluable for me and my businesses."


Andrea Reid, CEO, Proofreiding

“This class was phenomenal and exactly what I needed to take my business to the next level. Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge with our class. I learned so much in a month! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

"Worth much more than the cost..."

Samuel Lloyd, CEO, Prodigy

“I was very fortunate for the opportunity to learn from Maureen Edwards about business marketing strategies. The course was engaging and full of information, examples, and tips to help get my business off to an excellent beginning for revenue growth. The lessons will likely serve us well into the future. I am convinced that this course is worth much more than the cost and will help me avoid many mistakes that would otherwise have been made.”